Essential Techniques Of Urban Apartment Permaculture

Life in urban areas has its benefits and advantages, but at the same time – this type of lifestyle brings a lot of problems and inconveniences as well. However, the wheels of evolution are waiting for no one, and they are grinding forward, forcing us to adapt to our new surroundings. Life in rural and peaceful communities is becoming a distant memory, a part of folklore, and unfortunately – this also separates us from a healthy and organic way of life. In other words, living in large and overcrowded cities is destroying our connection with the natural world, and our overall well-being suffers in return.

That is why the principle of permaculture can be a life-saving change, and once you incorporate some of the teachings of this system – you can turn your life around and become a healthier and happier person. Sustainable ecosystems can be easily integrated into our modern-day surroundings, and even if you live in a skyscraper – your apartment can become an oasis of greenery and vegetation in the vast sea of concrete and glass.

What Exactly Is Urban Permaculture?

As the term clearly suggests, urban permaculture is focused on applying the fundamentals of permaculture into urban areas, such as apartments, office towers, or even suburban neighborhoods.  In other words, the principles of permaculture are being applied to a slightly unusual setting, but it is evident that our ever-growing cities are in much need of this particular philosophy. Permaculture can show us the way towards creating sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystems, and our apartments can become a productive and healthy habitat for plants and vegetation.

How To Apply The Principles Of Permaculture

Creativity is one of the most powerful human weapons, and when compared with decisiveness – this characteristic can produce incredible results. That is why it is vital to unleash your creative potential and to tap into those juices which can provide you with unique and original ideas on how to transform your urban dwelling into a biodynamic unit.

Human settlements are becoming smaller and more compact since we need to preserve space, but your apartment can still offer a lot of opportunities for applying the strategies of permaculture. For instance, your windows and balconies are the ideal spots for growing all sorts of plants and vegetables since these locations typically offer plenty of sunshine and heat. Therefore, consider using window boxes and growing pots to create small but efficient habitats for flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Of course, you should check the conditions first, and the process of making sure that there is no excess wind or that the soil contains the proper organic matters are the steps that will result in excellent overall results. Other than that, you can maximize the space by applying the concept of vertical planting, or by creating a garden on the roof of your building.