4 Most Prominent Types Of Renewable Energy

As we all know, our modern-day society heavily relies on fossil fuels to provide it with heat, electricity, and everything else we may require. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are finite, and sooner or later – the reserves of coal or oil will be depleted, and we will be left in chaos and darkness. Of course, many people still do not believe that such a catastrophic scenario is possible, but unless we do something about the ways we consume our energy sources – apocalypse is just around the corner.

Aside from being finite, fossil fuels are also detrimental because of their toxic characteristics. In other words, most of them emit high levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and this creates a broad range of negative side-effects. That is why it is vital that we start using reliable sources of energy, and our policy makers simply have to understand that self-sufficient and sustainable systems are the way to go. Luckily, there is still time to fix our planet and to heal those wounds that we inflicted, but we need to fully focus on using energy sources that are efficient and Eco-friendly.


The Sun is a source of tremendous power, but a lot of its energy is going to waste. Instead of harnessing the full potential of this giant star, we are allowing it to pass by without being exploited at all. Since solar power is inexhaustible, we are provided with a source of energy that we can use for millions of years, and solar panels are the thing of the future. We have already developed technologies which can turn solar power into thermal energy, and also directly into electricity using photovoltaic principles.


Since the Earth is constantly rotating and the air pressure fluctuates at all times, winds are a frequent side-effect of these activities. That is why “wind farms” are the ideal replacement for toxic power plants, and turbines can generate electricity when winds start spinning those blades at incredible speeds. The most important feature of this type of energy is that is 100% green and Eco-friendly, and that wind is an entirely renewable resource.


The kinetic energy of water can be an intimidating force, and just one look at large dam constructions can make you realize the enormity of the entire concept. What this means is that oceans and powerful rivers can be the perfect option for utilizing the power of water to its full potential and falling or flowing water can generate significant amounts of electricity.


One of the rising methods of generating energy comes from bioenergy and those gasses which are released when waste and plants are releasing the side-effects of their process of decaying. With just a bit of effort, we can quickly and efficiently create a system that is self-sustainable, and compost and mulch are by-products of cities, neighborhoods, and even individual homes. If we make better use of our waste, our cities will become sparkling clean in no time.